Preparation and standardisation of base and

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Preparation and standardisation of base and

Sport represents competition as well as respect. Sport is excitement and passion, and can help bre- ak down prejudice and contribute to integration into a community.

We are one of the leading manufacturers of sports floors and delighted to make a contribution to the success of this social and political task: However, we focus on more than just future users of our sports floors — we also prioritise you: To this end, we offer all-round support, including expert advice as well as working together to find solutions that fit not only your requirements but also your budget.

This services is brought together with extremely high-quality products, ensuring that you will enjoy our systems for many years to come. Our experience maintaining many years of partners- hips and collaboration with major associations and regularly fitting out renowned international competi- tions speaks for itself.

What in started as a pioneer- ing task in the area of synthetic running tracks has to the present day remained a passion that con- stantly pushes us forward to new levels of performance. We believe that certifications in accordance with international standards are just as important as a clear commitment to sustainability.

Polytan, a responsible, sustainability-focused company, has also been certified with the internationally recognised ISO and standards for quality and environmental management, as well as ISO for energy management.

Preparation and standardisation of base and

We are a responsible one-stop supplier. With the concept of Green Technology Engineering, Polytan is taking the logical next step in the development of high quality, sustainable synthetic surfaces: With new developments for production and in- stallation that optimise the use of material and reduce the consumption of material.

Preparation and standardisation of base and

And with new combinations of natural components and tried and tested synthetic ma- terials that provide additional functionalities. In this way, as an innovative market leader in sports sur- faces, Polytan is taking the opportunity to address ques- tions in the industry that have yet to be answered and to develop and implement future-oriented solutions.

Inspired by the model of a green economy according to the specifications of the Federal Ministry of the Environ- ment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety, Polytan is following up on justified demands for a change in be- haviour as part of a sustainable economy: GreenTech made in Germany 4.

Polytan provides a synthetic turf system for the BC Place stadium in Vancouver, which hosted the finals in Canada. Polytan starts intensive collabora- tion with its partner Humotion on intelligent running tracks SmarTracks. Four of the five host sta- diums are equipped with Polytan prod- ucts: AstroTurf and ProGrass also become part of the corporate group, increasing its market presence in North America.

Polytan becomes the exclu- sive partner of the German football league for the one-off major project of creating 1, mini pitches in Germany.

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